ONE MONTH LATER! || Re-Set Series

WEEK 4: We’re One Month In BABY!

OK so it’s not quite 30 days, but it is 4 full weeks since I decided I need a good kick up the arse and that it was time to get my shit together! It’s been a fun adventure the past few weeks, and I have a funny feeling, the next few weeks are going to be a lot more interesting!

So if I’m totally honest with you all, when it comes to the past 4 weeks, I feel like I’ve fallen at the final hurdle when it comes to the past few days. During the middle of the week, I injured myself and pretty much put myself out of action walking/exercise wise for the past few days. I pulled a muscle somewhere in the lower part of my leg, and it has effected me big time. I ended up having to take a half day from work and on rest with lots of painkillers — not ideal, but I tried not to let it get me bogged down too much! I knew I was on my final few days of the 4 weeks, so I wasn’t letting it stop me, or I wasn’t going to let it make me feel like I had failed! I continued to drink my water, and keep my diet in check for the few days of injury, which was all well and good, and then the long weekend fell upon us.

Saturday and Sunday ended up being 2 cheat days —while I didn’t fully pig out, I did have a good few glasses of wine on Saturday evening, and then on Sunday evening we ordered Chinese take-away, which generally doesn’t bode well when you’ve got your weekly weigh-in the following morning, and your full of sodium along with who knows what else in your system…

Regardless, I managed to weigh-in at 90.5kg for the week, and while it wasn’t the best result, it wasn’t a total loss considering I was 92.8kg on my first weigh in back at the beginning of April, giving me a total loss of 2.3kg over the 4 weeks, which is just over 5lbs!!! To say I’m thrilled with that result is an understatement!


Heck no!

So, before the weekend, it was announced that some of the current restrictions are going to be lifted here in Ireland over the next few weeks, the first being personal services and click and collect shopping re-opening from May 10th, followed by all non-essential shopping re-opening from May 17th.

Next up after that will be our pubs and restaurants re-opening for outdoor services from June 7th ASWELL AS gyms and swimming pools!!!

With that, I’m setting myself a new goal for the month: Seeing as I lost over 2kg in the space of 4 weeks, lets see if we can go another 2kg in the coming 4 weeks on the lead up to the gym!!! This has me super excited because if I can pull this off people, I will be the fittest I have EVER been (injury not included in that 😅). With gyms reopening then I can get back to serious workouts (as well as continuing my walking, because who knew walking was so good for you?!?)

The last time the gyms were open, I got myself into a good program and was able to lose a good chunk of weight, before everything shut down again and I piled it all on again, so seeing as I’m hopefully going to be back at the gym in as good a condition as I left, I have seriously high hopes and I’ve never been as stoked as I am now to get into shape!!!

I’m writing this on Tuesday, May 4th (a day late) and I have until June 7th until the gyms reopen — that’s another 4 full weeks of keeping my diet in check, drinking my 2 litres of water everyday and keeping up my walks with Archie!

I’m super excited and hope you’ll join me on this continued adventure, and I can’t wait to see what comes of the next few weeks — I’m probably going to tone back on the weekly check in posts for the next week or 2, and change up the content — I want to make a what I eat in a day style post and maybe a weekend adventure video/vlog — no promises, we’ll see!

OK I’m going to shut up now before my adrenaline from my evening walk with Archie wares off and I fall asleep at the keyboard …

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you all soon 😉


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