Week 3: Let’s Go!!!


Holy shit people we’re nearly 1 month in — we can do it 💪!!

Let’s Re-Cap:

– My aim for this week was to up my step game, and make my daily target 15,000 steps. While I didn’t get that *every* day, I got pretty damn close — I hit just over the 15k mark on 3 out of the 7 days, and and just shy of it at the 14k mark on 2 other days, while Saturday was my least active day, only hitting 8,000 steps there. I love having my Fitbit and being able to track these things. It also shows me that this week has been my most active of the 3 weeks. I’ve done over 90,000 steps this week, which is just mind boggling for me! Do you track your steps? Do you use a Fitbit? I’d love to know!

My best day was Tuesday!

– Keeping on topic of steps, another challenge for myself was to track my distance while out walking Archie. I wanted to go from a 3.5km walk, to at least 5km. While we did find an extra route to take to extend our walk, it wasn’t great. It meant cutting through the town to add the extra distance, but Archie didn’t take to kindly to it. So we didn’t stick with it, and did our usual distance for the rest of the week… we’ll figure it out!

– My final challenge for the week was to film some snippets for a vlog-style little video, and sure I forgot all about it to be honest guys 😅 maybe this week — I’m going to put it in my bullet journal as a daily task, even if it’s just hopping on after my walk with Archie and updating you on my day.

I’m constantly reminding myself that I’m not just working on my physical health here, that I’m trying to build my confidence, and that means changing things up, shaking it up, throwing a spanner in the works here and there, and pushing through the panic and anxiousness of “what are people going to think” or “omg that’s so embarrassing”… I’d love to hear your thoughts on this —are you on a similar journey, or have you any words of encouragement or advice that helped you push through a similar situation?

The Road to Week 4:

And just like that we’re on the homeward stretch to Week 4 — One whole month! Crazy! Don’t think that’s the end though — feck no, this is more than a 30 Day Challenge — this is only the beginning!

I’ve a few ideas brewing for some blog posts past the one month mark, and I love getting all your opinions over on Instagram — if you’re not following me there yet, you should be, as I’m on there daily, and always chatting to you guys (@dean.kealy is my handle)— and I also want to try and maybe start doing a home-workout of some description… this is something I tried doing for about 2 weeks when the gyms first closed up before Christmas, but I didn’t stick to it, but this time I think I’m ready to give it another go, and as well as that I need to start preparing for if the gyms do re-open (which hopefully will be in the next few weeks) as I don’t want to go back and be in bits after my first day back 🙈 – Are you excited for the gyms to re-open/ are the gyms open where you are in the world, and how are they operating in these strange times?

Week 4:

-Keep up the 15,000 steps 🏃‍♂️

-Get a 5km route going with Archie 🐶

-Don’t be camera shy 🙈

-Extra/Optional: Get a home workout in 🏋️

My weigh-in this morning had great results too: I’m down to 90.3kg, bringing my total loss to 2.5kg (5.5lbs) in 3 weeks! 💪

Can’t wait to check in with you guys next week! Hopefully it’s a good one — see you next week ! 😝

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My name is Dean Kealy and I am freelance writer/content creator from Ireland.

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