April Favourites || Pepper Day

Surprise! Two blog posts in one week?!?? What’s Happening???

Today is the 22nd of April, therefore it is Pepper Day. I’m part of a little group of bloggers called The Cheer Peppers, and every month on the 22nd, we celebrate Pepper Day. Basically, it’s a day where we get together to all share a blog post of some description, whether you’re a prolific writer on your blog or only post once in the blue moon, it’s there to motivate you to share some content with your readers.

I haven’t participated much in Pepper Day lately, so seeing as I’ve done blog posts 2 weeks in a row now, I’d participate — Ra, one of the group mods and founders of the Cheer Peppers asked us for some things that brought us peace or joy, whether it be a photo or a list of books, movies, etc., so I thought I would share some things I’ve been loving this month:


I’m hearing this on the radio in work every day and absolutely loving it!

This is the first song on my playlist as I walk to/from work or go out for my evening walk with Archie— a bop!


I watched this one over the weekend and thought it was fantastic — I’m a big fan of Melissa McCarthy, and anything super heroes is always good in my books!


The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

I haven’t read too much lately, but I have started re-reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, and definitely recommend reading it if you’re looking to add some new habits to your life, and get an early start to your day too! I have done this several times and have yet to actually stick with it, but I am gearing myself up to have another go at it. It’s a light read, and shouldn’t take too long to get through if you’re looking for a quick read.


If you didn’t know/couldn’t tell, I love a good YouTube video, and I recently discovered Akta through Matt D’Avella, another YouTuber I watch. I really love Akta’s vibes and the content she shares. Lot’s to learn here. I’ve only watched a few of her video so far and can’t wait to watch more.

And this heave been my April Favourites! Thank you for joining me today for this extra blog post, I’ve had fun writing and making it, and I hope you enjoy at least one of the items I’ve shared with you here.

I’m in the process of planning some more content for the blog other than just my weekly update posts, so I’d be more than happy to take any recommendations to what type of content you’d like to see here on the blog, or if there’s any particular topic you would like me to write about let me know in the comments!

Have you checked out any of my favourites yet? What are your favourites for this month?

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My name is Dean Kealy and I am freelance writer/content creator from Ireland.

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