Week 2: The Adventure Continues…

Can you believe we’re at week 2 already???

It feels like just the other day I was looking at the scales and thinking “f*C+ this!” and deciding it was time to get my shit together.

So what was week 2 like I hear you ask? It was a little easier than last week, If I’m totally honest. Now that I have the routine nailed down, and everyone in the house is tuned in with where I’m at, it made things much easier— in saying that I still had my tough days.

I got out most days for my evening walk with Archie with the exception of Thursday evening – I was just mentally and physically drained from a long day at work, man don’t you just hate that , does that happen you? How do you deal with it? Maybe these are times I should be make sure I get out walking? I think I’ll make that my next challenge when I feel like not going, I’m going to go! Then the weekend came around, and that’s when we probably should have gotten the most walks in, but we didn’t go for any— Saturday was spent running a few small errands and then painting in the back garden while we had good weather, and Sunday we really didn’t have any excuses, although Archie did get plenty of exercise playing with the neighbour’s dogs.

Saturday and Sunday were very much mini-cheat days, and I call them mini cheat days, as I didn’t treat myself for the whole 2 days, just in bits and bobs here and there. I was much more lax with my diet than I have been during the week. Saturday we had a few drinks while out in the garden painting, it was a lovely sunny day and we made the most of it. We ended the evening with a small cheeky Chinese take-away, which was a nice treat as I hadn’t had one in weeks! Sunday wasn’t the worst, but it definitely could have been better. I didn’t get out for a walk with Archie, like I mentioned but he did get a good exercise playing with our neighbour’s dogs, then after dinner we had a treat of a Dunkin’ Donut which was just chef’s kisses and the perfect way to top off the week.

Picked up an Affagato while running errands 😛

Ok ok , reading this back I think those cheat days got to go, or at least be minimised as much as possible! If I’m totally honest I’ve been trying to change my treats to healthier alternatives— are you with me? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Let me know! Post your ideas, recipes, pics 😁😁

Last week I signed off on the blog post just before my first weekly weigh-in, which I’m delighted to say I lost a whole 2lbs/1kg which I was only thrilled about. This week I lost a further 1lb, bringing my total loss to 3lbs so far! Not as much as last week, but we can’t win ‘em all and I’ll just have to be more diligent with those ‘treats’ this week!

Week 2 Re-Cap:

– Walk/Exercise 5 out of 7 Days
– 2L of water also 5 out of 7 Days
– Kept myself accountable with you guys everyday over on Instagram

Week 3 goals: Time for a new challenge?

– This week I want to up my step count — I have 10,000 steps in the bag most days from just being in work, so this week I’d like to try and hit at least 15,000 by the end of the day, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

– I also mapped my walk with Archie yesterday evening, and it comes to 3.5km in distance, and I’d like to improve that to at least 5km, so that means changing up our route slightly!

– I need to get back to talking to the camera on Instagram again— I did it for Week 1, and haven’t done it since, so maybe a weekly little vlog of snippets of my week? I’m not sure on this one—it’s still a work in progress.

I’m checking in every single day over on my Instagram Stories, even if I don’t have the best day, because I like sharing that you can’t be perfect everyday, no matter how hard you try. I’ve a few friends that I’m helping keep accountable too by checking in with them personally every day too, and they’re doing really well. I’m always there if you’re looking for an accountability partner, so even if you’re not on Instagram, don’t be afraid to reach out and we can work out something— even if its via email, or some other form of messenger!

So, with that, Week 3 begins! How goes your adventure? Is this your Day 1, or are you a few weeks in like me?

Leave a comment and we can chat, and I’ll see you all soon 😉

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