Hi there…

So it’s been a minute since we last caught up here on the aul blog!

Needless to say I’ve been itching to come back to this place for the past few weeks — I even set up a whole new blog with the intention of getting going over there only to stop myself and go hang on a minute Dean, you’ve got a perfectly fine blog waiting for you over here that’s been neglected, just get yourself going again over there!

So that’s what I’m doing!

The Big C has taken over everyone’s lives, there’s no doubt about that. At the minute most people are stuck at home doing absolutely nothing, or you’re one of the “lucky” essential workers that gets to leave your house to go to work everyday. Myself personally, work in a job that is deemed essential, and while not frontline, also isn’t a job that I can do working from home.

Due to the lack of social events, or even things to do in general, I thought why not get back to blogging because that will at least give me something to do when I’m not working, instead of just lounging around and watching TV — but let’s be honest I’m probably still going to do that anyway. I have a few monthly blog post ideas that I want to get running off the ground here as well as maybe getting back into my art on the days that I’m not blogging/working on the blog.

Everything will be done gradually though, baby steps, as I don’t want to completely overwhelm myself by putting too much on my plate too fast or I’ll just crash and burn… again!

I think that’s all I really have to say for now… that’s all this post really was, is to say Hi, that I’m still here and that you’ll hopefully see more of me in the weeks to come, fingers crossed!

You might also have noticed that I’ve changed the blog domain, as well as how things look around here. The site is now officially deankealy dot COM instead of dot BLOG as I think people just find it easier to remember a dot com site. I have added separate pages onto the site, will probably add a page to bring you to my art site, as well as maybe another project that I’ve been brainstorming… but we’ll see how that goes!

Thanks for reading, and if you’ve come this far thanks for sticking around.

See you soon 🙂

Published by Dean

My name is Dean Kealy and I am freelance writer/content creator from Ireland.

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