Back to Work — Weekly Update (+VLOG)

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ‘post-lock down’ blog post as I returned to work for the first time in 7 weeks!

It certainly was strange after having so much time off having to get up early and make my way out the door but it was nice to get back into some sort of normal routine, even if we were working behind closed doors. I think from next week that is to change and we will be allowing a certain amount of customers in at a time, for certain jobs that cannot simply be done over the phone or via email. The most we’ll have in at any one time is 3 people, which will allow us to control what we’re working on and stop us from feeling overwhelmed too.

This week I also got a very special delivery of my laptop replacement! If you remember from last week’s post I was having an awful time altogether as my laptop had just broke and I was using a small 8-inch tablet to write my blog post on and it just wasn’t great at all! On Thursday, my new 11” iPad Pro 2020 edition and Apple Pencil arrived, which makes life now 10 times easier especially when it comes to writing blog posts. My case for it and other accessories have yet to arrive, so it currently isn’t allowed to leave my bedroom until they do!

My new baby 😍

I don’t have the thing 3 days and I’m head over heels to say the least! I’ve downloaded ProCreate and have been playing around with iMovie and am going to learn how to use LumaFusion, which is a pro version of iMovie— basically it’s perfect for everything I do on the internet and is the best purchase I’ve made in long time—and I’ve made a lot of purchases!

…and that’s about all the news I have for you guys this week! Thanks for tuning in to this little weekly update blog post and I shall chat to you all next week, hopefully with something a little more interesting!


PS. If you’re interested I made a little video and edited it up using iMovie. It’s just a little day in the life ‘before I go back to work’ vlog… nothing too exciting.

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My name is Dean Kealy and I am freelance writer/content creator from Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Back to Work — Weekly Update (+VLOG)

  1. I liked the video vlog. I found it oddly soothing. I think we all crave a little of we are not alone. It’s nice to see other’s routines. I pay attention to details and enjoy the subtle differences of different places. Hope your first day back goes well. 🙂

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