An Avengers Themed Week! // No Endgame Spoilers

This week I have had a very Avengers orientated/themed week!

Monday was a bank-holiday here in Ireland, it being Easter Monday, so some friends and myself had a barbeque! We had a good spell of weather over the Easter weekend, so we were really trying to take advantage of it, and with the good weather coming to an end, a barbeque was the perfect way to end it. After the barbeque, we sat around a fire pit and had a few drinks and a laugh, and before we knew it, one of our friends who has an Iron Man suit let us try on some of the pieces–I mean this thing is as realistic as it gets, its got lights and gizmos and what-not the only thing its short of doing is actually being able to shoot and fly!

Next up was a double-bill in our local cinema of Avengers: Infinity War followed by a midnight advanced screening of Endgame! I didn’t get any photos of the evening, but we had a great time, and the movie was absolutely fantastic. I wish I could say more, but #ThanosDemandsYourSilence upon seeing the movie, so…
It definitely helped seeing Infinity War before going in to watch Endgame as everything was super fresh and I felt more up to date and familiar with what was going on!

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Withdrawals kicked in then yesterday, knowing it was all over… the last 10 years worth of Marvel Studios movies had come to an end, making room for more movies and storylines to emerge in the coming few years. I decided to break out one of my graphic novels Iron Man: Fatal Frontier to try and overcome the withdrawals, but to be honest the only thing I think that will cure it for me is to go back and watch all the Marvel Studios movies, this time in chronological order, starting with Captain America: The First Avenger!

With the actual release of the movie being in cinemas from today, have you seen the new movie yet? Are you going to see it? I’d ask for your thoughts/opinions on it in the comments section, but #ThanosDemandsYourSilence, so you can shoot me a DM on Instagram @dean.kealy or Twitter @deankealyblog, or send me an email (who does that anymore?) via the Contact page on the above menu here on the blog!


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