The New Blog Header!

Hi guys! Just a quick one to let you all know I’ve given the blog a bit of a make-over. There’s a new theme on the blog, and there’s a new blog header! What do you think? I much prefer it–it’s less clinical looking than my last theme and header! Let me know what you think!😀

Some Daily Sketches from the past four days. Finally getting around to catching up with everything. I’m using the Daily Post as my inspiration for these Daily Sketches and they’re giving me some interesting results!





All sketches were drawn in my A6 Moleskine Sketchbook.


I’ve started back at my Daily Sketches, and I want to start sharing them here again on the blog. So, to catch up, here is Monday and Tuesday’s Daily Sketch as well as today’s. I’ve been having fun with these as I’m using my little caricature self as well as The Daily Post daily prompts. Monday’s was Rebuild. Tuesday was Struggle and Today’s prompt was Natural.  

Ice Cream

I’ve been challenging myself to draw a lot more lately, more than just the usual #SaturdayScribblers posts, so I decided just to do a random scribble sketch, separate from the usual Weekend prompt. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the scribble itself before I drew this…

Hi guys! I’m back again–on a Monday? Yes, a Monday! I miss sharing daily doodles/sketchbook drawings with you all, so I want to start doing that again. That was the whole idea behind starting #SaturdayScribblers, was to get my creative juices flowing again so I would start doodling some more. I think it’s working!😀

My New Midori Traveler’s Notebook

I’ve stumbled across the amazing world of the Midori Travelers Notebook. Technically mine is a “faux-dori” as it is my own DIY version, and not the original Japanese project. Basically it is a bunch of notebooks wrapped in leather and held together with elastic bands and I think it’s the best thing ever as I’m constantly carrying at least two or three notebooks with me wherever I go, and now I can do that with them condensed, and much easier to travel/move with. 

My “faux-dori” is made from the leather cover of a previous sketchbook I just happened to own. I basically took apart the sketchbook by taking out all the pages/paper from it, and inserting the elastic bands into it. You can find out how to do this simply enough on YouTube, just type in “Midori Travelers Notebook” and hundreds of videos come up. Some will show and tell their MTN’s, and tell you where to buy them, and others will tell you how to make them yourself. If you have the time, I highly recommend you make it yourself, as it is much cheaper. Buying one brand new can cost you anywhere from $20-80, and that’s before you start buying the accessories!

I also highly recommend you visit the blog where he has kindly made available for FREE all the different kind of insert booklets you might like to have in your MTN, and that is where I got my Monthly Diary that you can see above in the first photograph. 

If you search “DIY travelers notebook” into YouTube and watch the video by Zyra Bañez, that should be all you need to get up and running. I then recommend watching “Review: Midori Traveler’s Notebook (a mans perspective)” for a more in depth look into the world of Midori Notebooks! 

I hope to share more soon from my own MTN, and some other bits from this amazing new world maybe. I’ll see you back here on Saturday for #ScribbleSaturday!